iShare is Online

iShare is Pathfinder's new Intranet.  All Extranet content has been either moved to iShare or removed because it was out of date, except for the Employment listings, which are available here.

Accessing iShare

  • You can access iShare from anywhere anytime that you are connected to the internet by going to
  • Your user name and password are the same as the login you would use to access your computer or to OWA for email. For most users, it is your first name and last initial prefaced by pathfinder\. For example, a user name John Smith would enter pathfinder\johns for a user name.
  • Internet Explorer (version 7 or greater) is the supported web browser.  Others browsers (FireFox, Chrome, Safari) can be used, but do experience some compatability issues, especially around documents editing.  Internet Explorer 7+ and Microsoft Office 2007 or greater should be used when you are working with documents in iShare.



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  • To gain access:
    Contact Maria Auday,
  • To create content on the Extranet:  
    Contact Ben Nardone,
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