journey to Viet Nam- legend

Not only were the babies exceptionally beautiful, but they grew much faster than normal children. Within a few years, Au Co and Lac Long Quan’s magical sons had grown into brave and gentle young men.

Despite her beautiful children, Au Co was not entirely happy. As the son of a water goddess, Lac Long Quan preferred to live underwater. This watery environment did not suit his wife, who spent most of her time on land. Separated from her husband for long periods, Au Co grew lonely and homesick. She began to dream of her lofty, native land.


"I miss the mountains of my birth", sighed Au Co. Lac Long Quan looked at his wife sadly. Finally, he reached a decision. "I am a sea dragon by nature," he said. "You, my wife, are a mountain fairy. Our habits and needs are different and we must live apart. It is difficult, but at least we have had our time together."

Then he turned to their children. "Half of you’" said the king, "will accompany your mother to the mountains and half of you will live beside the sea with me. If either group should ever face grave danger, the other group will come to their aid." 

So it was that fifty sons followed Au Co into the mountains, where they grew corn and rice. The other group followed Lac Long Quan to the coast. They lived by fishing. Only in times of grave danger would they meet.

These two groups were ancestors of the Hung kings who founded the country Au Lac in the area that is now Vietnam. Today, everyone in Vietnam knows this story. Everyone remembers that the people of Vietnam are descended from Lac Long Quan and Au Co, a sea dragon and a mountain fairy.

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